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ONEWALL.COM, is an·Application Service Provider that develops custom intranet based Knowledge Management applications. OneWall.com also offers information architecture and Knowledge Management consulting, systems integration and implementation services. Our goal is to give firms the opportunity to revolutionize how they structure and organize their information, knowledge and intra-firm communications processes.

By employing information engineering, Knowledge Management, consulting and technical services from OneWall.com, firms will quickly benefit from "one-stop information shopping" and operational cohesion, enabling them to compete more effectively in the e-business world.

OneWall.com's applications will enable firms to achieve frontline efficiencies, speed of communication and cost effectiveness while easing the burden of E-mail servers, reduce physical filing and the costs associated with photocopying and the distribution and delivery of hardcopy documents.



Today's Institutional Investment managers are increasingly relying on information that is distributed among computers located on the same local area network, within a corporate intranet, or anywhere on the worldwide Internet. This growth has resulted in islands of information that cannot be shared and are difficult to maintain. OneWall.com integrates all of this information into a seamless system with a consistent user interface that offers a cost-effective environment for the distribution and collection of information.

We offer custom web-based solutions for Institutional Investment managers that consolidates the many islands of available information in a secure and confidential environment. This can be used by fund managers to commingle broker research directly from broker web sites. Sources of Information can include internal research documents, brokerage research websites, independent analysts, company sites, economic events, conference calls, meetings, news feeds, calendars, internal systems, etc.....


Firms can use our content manager to enhance and extend the functionality of their current Intranet and public website. This application will allow for a central document and knowledge management repository for use in public/client/internal websites. Our technology solution will deliver advanced content and website management capabilities for valuable corporate information. Employees, using a secure central application, can instantly add content for reviewers to add to their multiple websites. Users are only provided the information categories that they are authorized to view.


Getting your business on the Web is easy with OneWall.com. Our experienced team of professionals will create an effective presence for your organization. A single call to ONEWALL is all it takes to give your business the power to make the Internet work for you. ONEWALL will evaluate your needs and design an application that enables your organization to levererage the Internet

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